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Lawmate PV-IP7 iPhone 7 Battery Case Hidden Camera

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PV-IP6HDW WiFi Enabled iPhone Case Hidden Camera
Command and control your iPhone Case Hidden Camera from your SmartPhone or tablet. Perfect for secret shoppers, private investigators, and undercover law enforcement.

With an onboard WiFi router you’ll be able to connect to the camera just like you would any other WiFi device and view live video from up to 50 feet away. Download, delete, and send video directly from your smart device.

 The 66-degree pinhole camera aims out of the top of the case so that if you set it down on a tabletop it will capture what it’s pointed at. HD video at 1920 X 1080 resolution is stored onto a removable SD card so you can use your PC or Mac to view the footage as well.

The built-in battery will not power your iPhone but it will give the camera case 180 minutes of battery life.

  • 1080P 1920 X 1080 Covert Camera & DVR
  • P2P Local WiFi Interface
  • LED Indicators: power, charging, WiFi, and Record
  • SD Card Recording up to 32GB
  • “Eyes Off” Operation - Vibration Feedback
  • 66 Degree Field of View
  • Time / Date Overlay
  • 180 Min Run Time
  • Works with iPhone 7 Only


1080P Covert Camera & DVR
The 1080P camera uses a pinhole lens and is capable of 1920 X 1080 HD video. This is the best possible quality you can get from any iPhone Case Hidden Video Camera on the market. With a 66 degree field of view, left to right, you’ll capture exactly what you want and nothing more.

P2P Local WiFi for Ultimate Control.
The PV-RC200HDW has an on board WiFi interface that will broadcast a signal so that you can connect your smart phone or tablet using the free app.   Simply connect the app to the camera wirelessly and view, review, and download video in the field. Effective range is about 50 feet so you could be watching the footage as your partner captures it. Uploading to remote servers from the field is finally becoming a reality.

SD Recording
Video files are stored to a micro SD card up to 32GB so that you don’t have to rely on the WiFi connection. Simply hook the included USB cable to your computer or plug the card into a card reader for downloading.

Vibration Feedback – “Eyes off”
The last thing you want to do is be discovered when using your iPhone Case Hidden Camera. A built in smart vibration feature gives you instant feedback when turned on / off and when record is pressed. You’ll always know what mode you’re in without looking down.

IP-based iPhone 7 battery case design stand-alone DVR
• Control the camera on the free App - PV Cam Viewer
• 3 resolution choices - 1080p / 720p / 480p @30fps
• Continuous / Motion Detection mode
• Motion detection notification keeps you always informed
• Battery powered for portable use or power socket powered
for stationary use
• Supports up to 32GB MicroSD card
• Good 120 minutes record time with overwrite function
• LED indicators can be turned off when you work undercover

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