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LawMate PV-500L4i Long Life Covert Weatherproof Recorder With WiFi

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This is the LawMate PV-500L4i recorder, a Wi-Fi & IP enabled DVR designed to work with CMOS & CCD analogue cameras.

The PV-500L4i recorder is part of the 2017 range of Wi-Fi & IP enabled devices from LawMate. The Wi-Fi connection allows the recorder to connect to Android and iOS phones & tablets to provide remote full system control and live monitoring.
The PV-500L4i recorder does not have a screen and this permits the battery life to increase to 4 hours of operation. If you also opt for the BA-4400mAh battery, operation increases to circa 8 hours on a fully charged battery.
This recorder is designed to work with the range of LawMate analogue camera options whilst permitting the operator to download or monitor the recordings. Using the supplied AV input cable, you can also use this excellent DVR with any non-LawMate camera.


  • Works with any Android or iOS device
  • Live monitoring (Wi-Fi P2P)
  • D1 resolution capture (720x576 pixels)
  • Up to 240 minute recording time on standard battery
  • Watermarked time-stamped evidential grade video
  • Download recorded footage to your smart device
  • Compatible with current PV500 battery cells
  • Supports PI-RF50 RF Remote controller
  • Free Micro SD card supplied
  • H.264 .MOV File format
  • Low light sensitive camera options
  • Vibration alert (power on/off, recording, low battery)

Wi-Fi Application features:

  • Live view
  • Ability to switch between standard or motion detection recording
  • Start/stop recording
  • Set the time & date / synchronise with your smart phone/tablet
  • Card formatting function
  • SSID visible/hide switch
The PV-500L4i is the first P2P / IP enabled DVR that is compatible with CMOS and CCD analogue cameras! 

The previous model, the PV-500L3 is a small and compact DVR that can be placed into a standard cigarette pack, which makes it great for covert recording. The DVR is a go to device when using LawMate analogue cameras like the BU-18 .
The New PV-400L4i has maintained all the functions of the L3 DVR, however the touchscreen has been replaced by an IP connection, and a smartphone App. It allows you to connect to your Android or iOS device and set up, download or monitor the recordings from anywhere in the world - while still offering; high quality 720*576 recording resolution at 30 fps, timestamp, built-in AGC microphone, multiple recording modes, USB connection for charging, and ease of use. 

The PV-500L4i is also compatible with:

LawMate HB-20 Handbag Camera
Lawmate NT-18 Tie Camera
Lawmate CM-TC10 Tie Clip Camera

PV-500L4i Main Features:

IP enabled DVR that can be controlled via PV-Cam App
Supports LawMate CMOS and CCD analogue cameras like the New BU-19
Small & lightweight with D1 video quality
Supports RF remote control PI-RF50
Recording modes: Standard & Motion Detection
Date & time stamp on video
Comes with 16 GB SD card and support up to 32 GB SD Cards

PV-500L4i Specifications:Wi-Fi Spec: Built-in Wi-Fi Module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Wi-Fi Protocol RSIP
Video Resolution: 720*480 / 720*576
Frame Rate: NTSC: 30fps / PAL: 25fps
Recording Mode: Standard / Motion Detection
File Format: MOV, JPG
Storage: SD Card (Supports up to 32 GB)
Camera Input: DC 5V Output at 2.5mm AV Input Jack
Date/Time Table: YYYY,MM,DD HH,MM,SS
Power Consumption: 450mA-500mA(Wi-Fi Off) / 510mA-560mA(Wi-Fi On)
Power: DC 3.7 V
Battery Life:  Around 240 min recording with CMOS cam (Wi-Fi Off)
Battery Charging Time: BA-2200 - 4 hours
Compatible with battery: BA-4400 Extended battery, and 7200 mAh Lithium-ion Battery

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