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Large Switchblade Tactical Knife

Large Switchblade Tactical Knife

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Large Switchblade Knife

This large switchblade knife has one of the strongest firing blades we've ever seen. The blade is a whopping 4.6" tactical awesomeness and is available in a variety of shapes and configurations. The handle is over 6" in length so it's large enough for any sized hands, yet slim enough to carry with relative ease. The push button fires the blade out lightning fast and it also unlocks the blade so that when you pull the tab at the butt end of the knife, the blade retracts easily into the handle to fire again. It might be a little large to EDC for some but this knife is definitely a head turner and something you will hardly ever stop playing with. Comes complete with a Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok adapter so it can be carried at any angle you see fit on a belt.

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