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Long Life Voice Activated Recorder | 225 Days Voice Activated Standby Recorder!

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225 Days Voice Activated Standby Recorder!

Incredible voice detection mode of 225 days. That is more than almost any other device available.  It is extremely thin, only 1/3 of an inch thick!

This high end recorder enables quick and convenient use with simple functionality. Its simplicity is what makes this device so effective, one switch allows the user to operate under continuous recording or voice activation mode.

The recording time goes up to an incredible 135 days. When you take the size of the device into consideration it more than carries its weight and has been added to numerous equipment arsenals of professional surveillance operators. The device comes already equipped with top of line microphones, which allows the user to listen up to 30 feet..


Simple control (3 position system ON/OFF/Voice activated)
  Very sensitive microphones, microphones will record even inside a pocket
  Miniature size (97 x 80 x 3.5mm) for the amount of performance it shows
  Up to 225 days in voice detection or 125 hours of continuous listening

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