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Level 1 Professional Private Investigations Training - All 5 Classes

Level 1 Professional Private Investigations Training - All 5 Classes

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NEXT CLASS BEGINS August 3rd, 2015.

The Level 1 Training Course takes a student, over a course of 5 days, through a proven set of courses that should enable a student (with aptitude) to begin a career in private investigations.  

 All classes are taught by a certified Police Instructor, and former narcotics officer, Lyndon Lueders.  Lueders spent 10 years with the Austin Police Department before a serious injury in the line of duty ended his career.  He went on to found Austin Investigations (est 2005), Austin Spy Shop, La Grange Spy Shop, Killeen Spy Shop, Armor Tracking, Simple GPS Tracking, and Armor Security Systems.  He also spent 4 years running International Counterintelligence Services of Texas, and assisted in training other private investigations company owners across the country.  His system of training has been used for field agents across the State of Texas, and has been used to successfully retrain veterans returning from combat for a career in the private investigations industry.

Lueders' 16 years of experience will assist you in the industry of professional, private investigations whether you are a company owner, an attorney, investigative reporter,  or simply curious about the industry. We are here to help you understand the profession, and be the best possible investigator you can be. If you are interested in participating in the training, please confirm your space as early as possible.


*Note, these classes are available for registration individually if you are not available for the total 5 nights.  Classes are priced individually at $99 per class, or $300 for all.


Training Schedule:

  • Monday August 3rd - Intro To Private Investigations 7pm - 10pm
  • Tuesday August 4th - Report Writing / Interview Techniques 7pm - 10pm
  • Wednesday August 5th - Mobile Surveillance / Professional Investigation Techniques 7pm - 10pm
  • Thursday August 6th - Mobile Surveillance / Evidence Collection 7pm - 10pm
  • Friday August 7th - Testifying in Court / Professional Testimony 7pm - 10pm


Classes will involve practical training scenarios, so the student should have access to a digital video camera.


You will not receive a private investigator license, nor any State certifications - of any type.  This class is designed to give students insight into the profession of being a private investigator.  Please call 800 970 4123, or email, with any questions. 

Class size will be limited to 15 students per session.    If you are interested in making payments on the total, before the class begins, please call 800-970-4123.

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