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Private Investigator Austin Tx
Established in 2005, with offices in Austin, Killeen, and San Antonio.
If you need a professional private investigator in Austin area to assist you with your Divorce, Child Custody, Infidelity, Criminal Defense,  Background Checks/Locates on individuals, call us today for a free consultation from a licensed private investigator.

Our staff is professionally trained, and understands that the process may not be familiar to all of our clients.  To assist us in giving you an effective consultation of private investigation services that are available please assist us by keeping the following in mind:

  • We are available 24 hours a day for emergency situations, and our service members that are deployed in a different timezone.  For non emergency situations, or those not deployed abroad, we would appreciate a call before 10pm.
  • Have in mind how a private investigator may help with your case.  Try to be clear, and concise so that we have the best understanding of how our private investigation services may help you.
  • Don't feel embarrassed.  We have given thousands of confidential consultations.  We are here to help you, not to judge.
  • Our trained staff will provide you with an action plan based upon the private investigation services that you need, and an estimate of costs, and professional documentation for your case.
Professional private investigations are available at the Austin Spy Shop located at 6601 Airport Blvd. Austin Tx.   Austin Investigations was founded in 2005 by Lyndon Lueders, a former undercover Senior Police Officer with the Austin Police Department, who was permanently injured in the line of duty.  Lueders has brought his training, and experience, to the private sector with Austin Investigations. Lueders has qualified as an Expert Witness in Federal Court, and works defense cases involving police misconduct.  As a former Police Instructor, and Field Training Officer for the Austin Police Department,  Lueders has established a rigorous, and ongoing, in-house training program for our professional investigators.  Austin Investigations has completed literally thousands of private investigation cases across the country. As Spy Shop owners we only use the best equipment, complimented with professional reports, to provide the best evidence for our clients. We offer a free, confidential, consultation with an expert to analyze your case to determine if our services would benefit your particular situation.
Lueders founded Austin Investigations (est 2005), and co-founded the Austin Spy Shop.  He recently spent 4 years as president of International Counterintelligence Services of Texas, and assisted in training other private investigations company owners across the country.  His system of training has been used for field agents across the State of Texas, and has been used to successfully retrain veterans returning from combat for a career in the private investigations industry.

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