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3G GPS Travel Tracker With Light Detector | Package GPS Tracking

  • 26900

  • Slim, water resistant design with shape and size similar to a credit card
  • Battery life up to five days
  • NEW! Light Exposure Sensor - detect/alerts when package or luggage is opened
  • Comply with FAA regulation for lithium ion batt cell to be less than 0.3 grams lithium metal per cell or less than 2.7 watt-hours per lithium ion cell in order to be allowed on cargo.
  • Track down the location and movement path of shipments and packages
  • Track your assets and valuables
  • Know where your bags are when you travel
  • Track your luggage or suitcase in the airport
  • Locate your purse or wallet
  • Get an immediate alert if someone opens your luggage, purse or package, by the unique light exposure sensor
  • Know immediately if your bag or package has crossed a boundary of an area which you define

  Suitable for

  • Luggage
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Shipments
  • Purse
  • Sports equipment

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