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Background Check

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Background Check | Advanced Background Check

Person Searches Include:

  • Names, aliases, and mugshots.
  • Vehicle sightings. Current and historical license plate sighting data bases on license plate recognition.
  • Bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens, judgments, and criminal history.
  • Current and historical addresses.
  • Criminal convictions, charges, trial results, and sentencing.
  • Phone numbers including listed and unlisted landlines, cell phones, and utilities data.
  • Relatives, neighbors, and associates.
  • Physical assets including property, vehicles, and more.
  • Licenses including professional, driver’s, and more.

Business Searches Include:

  • Current and previous employees, officers, and directors.
  • Assets of the business.
  • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments.
  • UCC filings
  • Current and historical phones, addresses, and DBA’s
  • Branches, subsidiaries, parent companies, and headquarters.
  • Email addresses and social networks

Background Check Austin Tx

If you need a background check on an individual, or business, in Austin, or the Austin Metro Area, call us for a free consultation. Background checks and business checks are some of the most common services that private investigators perform. Sometimes there is enough information for the client to make a personal, or business, decision based upon the information obtained. If you need more in depth investigation services our licensed investigators can assist you.

Private Investigator Austin

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