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Child Custody Investigations

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Child Custody Investigations Austin Tx

Child custody, and child visitation, are common case types that require private investigators services in the Austin Texas area.  Our professional private investigators have obtained evidence, and testified in court,  relating to child custody issues since 2005.  Our cases are documented with video, professional reports, and an independent licensed investigator  that can testify in court concerning facts.  Child custody investigations can make a difference when evidence of misconduct is documented.

Austin Investigations provides professional private investigation services to assist you with obtaining facts relating to your case.  We have worked cases involving documenting substance abuse, dangerous activities with the children present, prohibited persons coming into contact with the children, lack of supervision, and much more.  If you need a private investigator in the Austin, or central Texas area, related to child custody issues call us for a confidential consultation about how our services may assist you documenting your case at 800-970-4123. Visit us in person at 6601 Airport Blvd. in Austin, Tx.

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