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Digital Forensics Austin Tx

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Digital Forensics Austin Tx

Austin Investigations #A14235 digital forensics lab lead investigator is Henry Gonzales. Henry brings his expertise as a digital forensics analyst, and telecommunications information officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, to the private sector.

Computer Forensics

Expert Ediscovery Forensic Analyst

Your digital forensics investigator’s credentials matter in litigation concerning ediscovery. Henry Gonzales has 24 years of experience as an expert with police procedure and computer forensics. Call 800-970-4123 for a consultation about our litigation support services.

  • Central Intelligence Agency, Telecommunication Systems Officer.
  • TS/SCI clearance with full scope polygraph.
  • Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Police Officer.
  • Bexar County Sheriffs Department, Deputy Sheriff. -Certified Texas Police Instructor
  • United States Army, Military Police Officer. -Army Commendation Medal
  • Licensed Texas Private Investigator, Austin Investigations #A14235
Digital Forensics Austin Tx

Computer Forensics Austin Tx

Computer forensics, or Ediscovery, services are provided by Austin Investigations #A14235.  Our digital forensics lab meets all federal standards and is run by Henry Gonzales who has 24 years of law enforcement experience.  We are a local investigations company located at 6601 Airport Blvd in Austin Tx.

  • Our digital forensics lab meets federal standards
  • Experienced law enforcement and IT experts
  • Expert testimony in court with professional forensics report

Our forensic services provide comprehensive diagnosis based upon the clients needs and the investigation case type.

  • Securing the subject system for professional analysis
  • Making forensically sound copies of the hard drive, or cell phone
  • Recovery and identification of all files on they system
  • Acessing protected, hidden, deleted, or malicious files
  • Recovery and identification of grapical images, audio, email, chat logs, and video.
  • Producing a report based on findings related to a case with a professional report
  • Testifying in court about forensic methods used and findings by an expert witness.

Cell Phone Forensics

Austin Investigations #A14235 provides professional cell phone forensics services.  Licensed Texas private investigators, and IT experts, using only the best cell phone digital forensics software.

  • Detection of cell phone spyware
  • GSM, TDMA, and CDMA cell phones
  • Recover text messages, address books, call logs, and all information on the cell phone.
  • Acquire the complete GSM SIM card
  • Recover deleted data and full flash downloads
  • Advanced searching of electronic devices by an expert including text & hex value
  • Social media search, analysis, and collection
  • Discovery of electronic eavesdropping
Ediscovery For Litigation

Expert Ediscovery by an experienced computer forensics examiner can make the difference for your case in court.

Ediscovery using the highest standards of evidence collection and procedures.

Testimony about  Ediscovery related to your case by a law enforcement expert with 24 years experience.

Digital Forensics Austin Tx | Ediscovery private Investigator Austin Tx

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