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Doorbell Camera | 2 Way Talk | Nightvision/Motion Detection

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Doorbell Camera | 2 Way Talk | Nightvision/Motion Detection

The Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell with Chime by Streetwise Security is easy to install yet full of great features to keep your family and home safe.   With the built-in HD camera you can see and hear someone who rings your doorbell, even if you are not there. They can hear (but not see) you, so you can communicate with them. Great even for someone who is at home, especially if they are alone. If someone comes to the door and rings the doorbell the person inside can talk with and see them to determine if it is safe to open the door. The camera can be used to monitor your front yard and/ or porch area anytime you are away; simply open up the App and you can have a look at what is going on. A built-in motion detector can send a text alert to your smart phone if there is any motion near your front door, so you know someone is approaching before they even ring your door bell. It can be powered by rechargeable batteries (included) or hooked up to the current doorbell wires. 

Streetwise Smart WiFi Doorbell With Chime Camera Austin Spy Shop


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