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Lawmate PV-BT10i | Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera Remote View Wifi

  • 39900

PV-BT10i spy camera, nanny cam is a great hidden camera system!

New Wireless Speaker with built in IP based DVR
Engineered to travel -Small size but great sound effect, enjoy wireless freedom with LawMate Bluetooth speakers
Notification sound from the speaker to indicate device status.
IP feature allows you to live stream audio and video anywhere in the world.
Allow users to view, operate, take pictures and play back on LawMate exclusive free App.
Multiple recording modes allow users to record the most important moments.

Get your hands on the next generation surveillance camera. The PV-BT10i is a compact, portable camera and DVR, camouflaged as a fully functional Bluetooth speaker with law enforcement grade 1080p HD video footage, to seamlessly integrate into any environment. Whatever your investigative needs may be, this Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera will go unnoticed and undetected with any operational application. Perfect for a busy office environment or when the homeowner needs to trust anyone who is just dropping by.

Device Functions
The Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera is a 3 in 1 device, use it as a camera, video recording device and/or Bluetooth speaker, all while controlling it on a smart device. This covert Bluetooth Speaker camera is Wi-Fi enabled and IP based which can be remotely accessed and viewed with the PV Cam Viewer App on any smart device as well as recording directly to a removable memory card to avoid being hacked.

Battery vs. AC Outlet
It’s powered by an AC outlet or internal battery. For optimal battery life avoid using Bluetooth functions during operation. Reducing the video quality can also help with longer record time. For around the clock recording and live footage playback plug into AC outlet for uninterrupted camera access.

How it works
Each camera comes with its own unique identifier and QR code for quick and simple set up. Place the speaker in desired location, insert memory card and plug it in for all day surveillance. Get remote view by connecting it to a smart device over Wi-Fi network. Control music playback with speaker buttons and/or phone or tablet and control the camera and recording functions in the PVCam Viewer App. Memory card can be removed to download footage directly to computer.


  • 1080p HD | 720p | WVGA | Up to 30 fps
  • Picture | 2M
  • File Type: .MOV or JPG
  • Angle of View | 78 Degrees
  • Auto, Continuous or Motion Activated Recording
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi enabled
  • IP base, Remote accessible, App Controlled
    • Apple or Android Devices; smart devices, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Battery and AC powered
    • Charge Time: 180 mins
  • Battery Life | Bluetooth Off
    • 150min | 1080p
    • 165min | 720p
    • 180min | WVGA
  • Recording Time | 500 mins | 1080p | 16GB SD Card
  • Includes 16GB Micro SD Card with Converter | Compatible Up to 32GB SD
  • Overwrite: Once it fills up, it overwrites the oldest file



  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Micro Memory Card & Adaptor
  • USB Cord
  • Manual
  • PVCam Viewer Manual

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