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Lawmate DVR-1300W Black Box DIY DVR Hidden Camera w/ WiFi

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  • The DVR-1300W is a Black Box DVR system with a pinhole camera and PIR sensor designed to be placed in locations where access to electrical power is a challenge.

    28-Hour Continuous Recording
    1 Year Standby Battery Life

    This weather resistant DVR has a standby battery life of 1 year and a constant run time of 28 hours. A low power hibernation mode is assisted by a tiny PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor giving you video footage exactly when you need it and saving battery life when no movement is happening.

    Do-It-Yourself Hidden
    Black Box DVR

    We’ve included everything you need to create your own unique hidden camera setup. Simply place the pinhole camera and motion sensor in an inconspicuous location and hide the black box.

    Motion activated video is stored to a removable SD memory card (16GB Included) and can be played back on your PC, MAC, or from the Smart Phone app.

    Local WiFi Control
    Live View and Playback
    On Your Smart Phone

    With this latest version we’ve included a WiFi module for local control and viewing. This new app takes the guess work out of setup because you can position the camera using your smart phone or tablet with the free PVCam Viewer app. Use it to change settings and check the camera status without giving away its location.

    It’s important to note that you cannot view the camera remotely via the internet. The WiFi feature is for use when in line of sight of the camera.



    • Easy Set Up and Rapid Deployment
    • 1 Year Battery Life on Standby
    • 28 Hour Continuous Recording
    • 60” (5ft) Camera / PIR Cable
    • PIR – Body Heat Sensing Activation
    • 2 Second to Capture Time after Motion
    • Time / Date Stamp Overlay
    • 2PM CMOS Pinhole Camera – Hide Almost Anywhere
    • 1080P @ 0.03 LUX for Low Light Situations
    • 18 Hour Charge Time
    • WiFi Enabled for Local Playback & Control from App
    • Free PVCam Viewer App
    • Playback via PC or MAC
    • Up to 32GB SD Card (16G Included)


    In the Box:

    • Black Box DVR
    • Pinhole Camera
    • Micro PIR Motion Sensor
    • DV5V – 3A Charger
    • 16GB SD Card
    • IR Remote Control
    • TV / RCA Out Cable
    • 60” / 5ft Cable
    • European Plug Converter

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