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Long Life Covert Recording Device | Military Grade Recorder

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125 Day Battery Voice Activated Recorder | Military Grade Recorder

(Ultimate Record) is one of the best voice recorders available. It is equipped with a superior microphone located at the bottom of the device and a connector that is compatible with any computer. The main advantage is the supreme sound quality and low battery consumption. Private Investigators and security professionals alike understand the frustration of running out of battery at an opportune time. This device eliminates the worry of not collecting the best intelligence.

The STronic UR125-075 has incredibly voice detection mode of 125 days. That is more than almost any other device available. It comes at an affordable price and will suffice to the needs of many of your customers.

Other things that is definitely worth mentioning is the ease with which this device is operated. One switch which you can put to two positions. One position is continuous recording and the other one is a voice activated recording.

The recording time goes up to 75 hours, which is incredible, when you take the size of the device into consideration. The device comes already equipped with top quality microphones, which gives you the ability to listen to up to 30 feet.


Simple control (3 position system ON/OFF/Voice activated)
  Very sensitive microphones, microphones will record even inside a pocket
  Miniature size (97 x 80 x 3.5mm) for the amount of performance it shows
  Up to 225 days in voice detection or 125 hours of continuous listening

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