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Mini GPS Trakcer + 1 year of tracking

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Mini GPS Tracker

This mini GPS tracker is a favorite for surveillance professionals. This GPS tracker runs on the Austin Spy Shop's own custom mapping software.  Excellent performance and pinpoint GPS tracking.

  • Precise GPS location on your cell phone mapping system, or computer.
  • Local trusted customer service from the Austin Spy Shop.
  • 5 minute breadcrumbs.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Geo-fencing will give you a text notification for up to 5 locations when the vehicle moves in or out of a predefined area.
  • Speed alert text message to your phone for teenage drivers or employees.
  • GPS history that you can review to tell you what addresses the vehicle stopped at, how long it was parked, and how fast the vehicle was travelling. 

Austin Spy Shop has been the leading provider of GPS tracking devices in the Austin Metro area for 4 years.  Let us help you find the GPS tracking device that best suits your needs.  Visit us at 6601 Airport Blvd. , or call us at 800-970-4123 with any questions.

GPS Tracker for Car | Austin Spy Shop GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Tracker Austin Spy Shop | GPS Tracking Device Austin Tx

GPS Tracker Austin Tx | Mini GPS Tracker Austin Spy Shop

Fleet GPS Tracking Austin Spy Shop | GPS Tracking Device Austin Tx

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