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Motorcycle GPS Tracker & 1 Year of GPS Tracking

  • 15000
  • Save $ 24900

Motorcycle GPS Tracker

This is a mini, hardwired, real time GPS tracker can sit right on top of a motorcycle battery.  Our motorcycle GPS tracker has the option of adding a relay switch which allows for remote disabling of the starter in the event of a theft, or unauthorized use.  
  • *5 minute real-time tracking with Locate Now available anytime at no additional cost
  • *Very sensitive to motion for theft or if motorcycle tips over 
  • *Hardwired- Built-in Rechargeable 650mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • *Vibration Resistant, designed to function as a motorcycle GPS tracking device.
  • *Has a Starter Kill Switch
  • *Durable Water Resistant Case
  • *Integrated GPS Receiver and Antenna
  • *Accuracy +/- 10 feet
  • *Unlimited Geofencing Included.
  • *Up to 30% Discount On Insurance
Visit us in person at 6601 Airport Blvd. Austin, Tx, or call us at 800-970-4123 with your GPS tracking device questions.


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