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Rechargable Car Tracker & 1 Year GPS Tracking

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Business, Or Personal GPS Tracker 
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  • The 8801 is our best selling real time personal mini-GPS tracker!  This real time GPS tracker unit can be placed in a magnetic case (we sell those too!).  The 8801 is small, very reliable GPS tracking device that can go for up to 2 weeks without recharging. We also sell an optional hard wire kit.  This will allow you to place the unit in a vehicle without ever having to worry about battery life again.  This is perfect not only for businesses, but for anti-theft applications
 No 'Activation Fee'

Personal US Tracker - 8801


*5 minute real-time tracking with Locate Now available anytime at no additional cost

*Aggressive GPS/GNSS Chipset with Ultra Sensitivity

*Water Resistant IPX5 Compliant

*Internal CDMA/GNSS Antennas

*Panic Button, instant notification when button is pushed via sms or email

*100% Portable

*Built-in 3D Motion Sensor

Best in industry mapping with unlimited geofencing!

Only $440, with one year of tracking included in purchase price.

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